Looking to improve your small business marketing efforts but not sure where to start? Figuring out exactly what marketing materials will help your business grow is a science.

However, there are a few marketing toolkit items that every small business needs.

Whether you’re rolling up your sleeves or calling in a trusted partner, here are the basics in the marketing toolkit you need to get your small business running:

1. High quality logo files

When you start your business, it’s pretty much mandatory to get a logo right away, even if it’s just plain text to start with. This is a way customers will begin to recognize your business.

You’ll need your logo in a few different styles and file types on hand for a variety of uses see our simple guide to file types here). Ideally, your logo will be on everything your company ever produces, be it business cards, your website, your social media accounts or anything else.

If you don’t already have a logo created, see our article on how to get a professional logo for your small business.


2. A style guide

Partner with a designer to set up a simple style guide to follow. A style guide includes your logo, but integrates a unique color palette, particular (sometimes custom-made) fonts and icons, and other elements that keep your brand consistent and clean. It is the foundation to creating any and all print and digital materials for your business.


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For some style guide inspiration, check out these samples from the HubSpot blog. At Huddle Marketing and Design Solutions, we prefer to create simple, one-page documents that are easy for our clients to follow.

3. Materials

This will be all those documents and tools that you can create using your fresh logo and style guide! This can include your business cards, but you’ll also want to think about flyers and great sales sheets for each of your audiences, signage for your office, and banners, pamphlets, tablecloths, promo items or other trade show and sales materials.


4. Messaging

If you can fit it into your budget, defining your business messaging with a marketing firm is a great investment.

Messaging includes: your tagline, vision and mission statements, defining your values and what they uniquely mean to you, and the key messages that will resonate with each audience.

At Huddle, we take a systematic approach to identify your brand identity through a series of exercises. We get to the core of what’s important, what resonates with your audiences and how you want to be perceived in your market.

Getting your messaging right can be the difference of appealing to your audience or not, making sales or not and, ultimately, growing your business.


Time to take inventory!

The elements of the marketing toolkit are the foundation for your long-term, revenue generating marketing efforts.

Are you missing any of these essential marketing toolkit items? Each missed element could mean missed opportunities for your business.

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