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Reputation Management: Getting Online Reviews

Consumers increasingly rely on reviews to inform their purchasing decisions, and negative reviews will stop 40 percent of consumers from wanting to use that company. Do you know what your company’s online reputation looks like? Does your company even have enough...

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Marketing Toolkit For Every Small Business

Looking to improve your small business marketing efforts but not sure where to start? Figuring out exactly what marketing materials will help your business grow is a science. However, there are a few marketing toolkit items that every small business needs. Whether...

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How to get a professional logo for your small business

Logos become the way that customers will recognize your brand. When you think about Apple, Google, Ford, Target or Wendy’s, you can probably envision their logos right away. A well-done, professional-looking logo will also set you apart as a small business.  Starting...

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The simplest guide to logo files for small businesses and non designers

The average person probably doesn’t pay much attention to different file types. You’ve got .jpgs and .pngs, vector files, source files and more. But for a small business owner, it’s important to know which file types you should have on hand, and when to use them.

And while most people don’t know the difference between two different file types, they do notice when a logo doesn’t look clear and professional.

Keeping a set of clean, crisp logos ready to go for multiple uses will help ensure your business marketing looks highly professional, even if you’re creating your own materials.

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Why your small business needs content marketing

Many businesses, especially small businesses, feel they don’t have the time or resources to manage a content marketing strategy for their business. And even if they had the time, they don’t know where to start or what to write about.

Content needs to be well-written, relevant to your audience, comprehensive and valuable. Otherwise, it can be a big time suck that doesn’t provide the results you’d like.

But this shouldn’t scare you away from content marketing!

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